Required tools:

For preparation, teams can install the s(CASP) system in advance if they have Linux (though it is also available on our Unix machines, such as cslinux1, cslinux2). The software can be downloaded and installed from this link.

Professor Gupta will give two 2-hour tutorials to provide the technological background, including how to use the s(CASP) system, a week prior to the event.

Introductory Workshops for s(CASP):

1. Introduction to Logic Programming & Prolog

Presented by: Dr. Gupta

Date & time: January 6th, 12PM - 2:30 PM

Microsoft Teams recording link:


2. Introduction to Answer Set Programming, s(CASP), and Automated Commonsense Reasoning

Presented by: Dr. Gupta

Date & time: January 8th, 12 PM - 2:30 PM

Microsoft Teams recording link:


Additional Workshops happening during the Hackathon:

3. Answer Set Programming for the Amazon Alexa Socialbot Challenge 4 

Presented by: PhD student Kinjal Basu, student lead for the UT Dallas team.

Date & time: January 14th, 4 PM

Meeting link:


4. Explainable AI: An Introduction

Presented by: Dr. Farhad Shakerin

Date & time: January 14th, 8PM

Meeting link:


Meet HackReason's official mentors! They will be available in the official Discord channel to answer questions about the s(CASP) system, or to provide guidance on teams' projects. 

Gopal Gupta:

Dr. Gopal Gupta is the Erik Jonsson Professor of Computer Science. His research interests are in logic programming, automated (commonsense) reasoning annd answer set programming. His group has developed many software systems, including the s(CASP) system that will be used in HackReason.


Elmer Salazar:

Dr. Elmer Salazar is an assistant professor of instruction in computer science at UT Dallas, from where he also got his Ph.D. Professor Salazar was the designer of the s(ASP) answer ste programming system that the s(CASP) system is based on. His research interests are in logic programming, answer set programming and automated (commonsense) reasoning.

Joaquin Arias:

Dr. Arias is an assistant professor of computer science at King Juan Carlos University in Madrid, Spain. He is the primary developer of the s(CASP) system on which he began work while visiting UT Dallas in 2017. He got his Ph.D from Universidad Politechna de Madrid. His research interests are in logic & constraint programming languages and their applications in reasoning, particularly over stream data.

Kinjal Basu:

Kinjal is a PhD student in Prof. Gupta and Salazar's lab. Kinjal's research involves applying ASP & commonsense reasoning to natural language question answering and automated chatbot development. He is the team leader of the Team UTD that qualified for the Alexa Socialbot Challenge 2021 competition.

Sarat Chandra Varanasi: 

Sarat is a PhD student working under Prof. Neeraj Mittal and Prof. Gopal Gupta's supervision. His research os focussed on automatically generating concurrent algorithms from their respective sequential version using commonsense knowledge and ASP. He is also a member of the Alexa Socialbot Challenge 2021 Competition.